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Melnik to Host Seminar on Thracian Culture and Wine

Melnik will host a seminar on Thracian culture and wine on February 24. It will take place in a hybrid form – both in person at Melnik’s wine museum and online, organizer Vesela Vassileva told BTA.
It is organized as a joint initiative with the International Scientific Conference on “Living Cultural Heritage: Preservation, Practices and IT”, and as part of the programme of the Interdisciplinary Scientific Network – Information Society (INIS) and the European Association of Folklore Festivals, on the occasion of February 14, which is designated as a day of both Bulgarian archaeologists and vine growers, said Vassileva.
The seminar will focus one history and archaeology, ethnology, folklore, religion and beliefs, art studies, computer science, providing access to cultural heritage, the organizers said. 
Anyone who is interested can join the scientific part of the seminar, after which there is a wine tasting for wine lovers, Vassileva said.
The idea for the event came from Vassileva, who decided to organize it for the first time in 2017. “Over time, the event has gained good practice and sustainability, and I can say that for the seventh year in a row we have the opportunity to make it happen, and for the second year in a row it is taking place in Melnik,” said Vassileva.