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Today’s Observances: February 21

– Day of gratitude to people who resisted Nazism in Bulgaria. 
The world: 
– International Mother Language Day.
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1864: The Oecumenical Patriarchate calls a gathering on the issue of the autonomy of the Bulgarian Church with the participation of the patriarchs for Alexandria, Jerusalem and Antioch.
1896: A law introducing the death penalty in the country is promulgated in the “Official Gazette.”
1961: Diplomatic relations are established with the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
1992: Parliament adopts the Restitution Act concerning properties expropriated by the Council of Ministers between 1947 and 1962.
2008: The Bulgarian National Bank releases a commemorative silver coin, minted in 10,000 pieces, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of Bulgaria’s liberation.