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Artist Vili Nikolov Presents Mix of Diverse Themes, Subjects in Latest Exhibition

In his latest exhibition Aesthetics/Polyphony, Vili Nikolov offers a mix of diverse themes and subjects, such as folklore, horses, legends, samоdivas (woodland fairies or nymphs found in South and West Slavic folklore), jazz and the glitter of shiny musical instruments, the organizers Thursday quoted Prof. Lyubomir Stoykov as saying regarding the forthcoming exhibition, which will be presented in the Millennium Gallery in Sofia from February 28 to March 26.
Stoykov noted that the exhibition will put a highlight on Ancient Greece and the flirtation between the blue sea and the white stone. “In its scale and quantity of paintings, the exhibition is the largest compared to previous appearances of Vili Nikolov. It is sure to offer aesthetic delight and joy to the eye,” the professor added.
The lack of confrontation between warm and cold colors, which are in soft harmony, is characteristic of Nikolov’s paintings, as they are calm and cheerful, noted Anna Banova, host of the exhibition.
Nikolov’s work has been noticed and appreciated by Chinese writer Mo Yen, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature, Queen Sofia of Spain, former Spanish prime minister Jose Maria Aznar and other influential global figures who own his paintings, the organizers pointed out.