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Dance Performance Explores Conformity, Self-Acceptance and Empowerment

Behind You, a solo dance performance of Elizabeth Yakimova choreographed by Filip Milanov will premiere at Yalta Art Room on March 1. This is a multigenre performance using the language and means of contemporary dance and theatre, the team said. They explore the complexity and ever-changing concept of identity, addressing the themes of conformity, self-acceptance, diversity and empowerment in the contemporary world, aiming to leave an impression of inclusion, unity and hope for a better future.
Milanov said: “This is a solo dance performance about the relationship between our conscious and unconscious experiences. Memories merge and separate, trying to find a way to consciousness. The ability of the human psyche to shed and erase memories is an essential element of the journey into the inner world of possibilities for awareness and self-discovery.”
Yael Duev-Tayg designed the costumes and Stanislav Genadiev wrote the music of the performance.