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Today’s Observances: February 27

The world:
World Anti-Bullying Day;
National Day of the Dominican Republic: Independence Day (1844).
On this date in Bulgarian history:
1870: Sultan Abdulaziz issues a decree restoring the Bulgarian Orthodox Church as a Bulgarian Exarchate.
1897: Bulgaria’s first public film show takes place in Rousse (on the Danube).
1934: Communist functionary Georgi Dimitrov and co-defendants Blagoi Popov and Vassil Tanev released from Berlin’s Moabit Prison after acquittal in the February 27, 1933┬áReichstag fire trial in Leipzig.
2003: The Council of Ministers approves a letter of intent and a schedule of reforms in connection with Bulgaria’s accession to NATO.
2009: Southeastern Europe’s first robotized oncogynecology clinic is inaugurated at the Medical University of Pleven (North Central Bulgaria).