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Bulgaria’s National Holiday Marked at European Commission in Brussels 

Bulgaria’s national holiday March 3rd was marked on Monday evening at the European Commission in Brussels at the invitation of Commissioner Iliana Ivanova. The event was attended by many guests, including Bulgarians working in the EU institutions.  “This holiday is an occasion to bow with great gratitude to all those who have contributed to the freedom of our homeland,” Commissioner Ivanova said in her address. Freedom and democracy do not come for free and are not a given, she added. “We must fight for them and defend them every day. They are the fruit of longings for a democratic and European Bulgaria,” the Commissioner said.  Modern Bulgaria is a worthy and equal member of a union of independent states, which work together for their security and prosperity, Ivanova added. In her words, Bulgaria’s contribution to the cultural, spiritual and economic development of Europe gives many reasons to be proud.  “The builders of modern Bulgaria after 1878 had always imagined our country as an integral part of Europe,” Ambassador Rumen Alexandrov, Bulgaria’s Permanent Representative to the EU, said in his remarks. “Today we continue confidently on this path, Bulgaria is a worthy member of the EU and NATO, with a significant contribution to the united European and Euro-Atlantic family of shared values, with its clear national priorities and goals,” the Ambassador added.   “Let us continue to work with dignity, dedication and confidence to uphold Bulgaria’s positive image as a constructive actor and reliable member of the EU, NATO and the international community,” he urged.