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Bulgaria Wins 2 Medals at International Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament Aphrodite Cup in Athens

Magdalena Valkova won a silver medal in the girls’ all-around, and Dara Malinova won a bronze medal among the girls born in 2009 in the ninth edition of the international rhythmic gymnastics tournament Aphrodite Cup in Athens (Greece).
Bulgaria is represented by the national athletes Dara Malinova, Magdalena Valkova, Alexa Rasheva and Alexandra Shalueva, who performed combinations with clubs and ribbon on Saturday.
Valkova won a silver medal in the all-around among those born in 2010.  She collected 115.500 points after being rated 29.700 in hoop, 29.250 in ball, 28.200 in clubs and 28.350 in ribbon.
The gold medal went to Akmaral Yerekesheva (Kazakhstan), who also had a total of 115.500 points, but had a cleaner performance. Awarding in the all-around is for each individual year in which the competitors were born.
Dara Malinova performed solidly in both events on Saturday with a total of 113.350 points (29.450 in hoop, 25.700 in ball, 29.650 in clubs and 28.550 in ribbon) and went to third place in the all-around and won the bronze among the 2009-born.
The gold medal in this age group went to Olivia Maslov (Poland) with 117.200 points, and Romania’s Amalia Lica was second with 114.700.
Alexandra Shalueva performed well, with 111.550 points (29.200 on hoop, 28.200 on ball, 28.800 on clubs and 25.350) and ranked fourth among those born in 2009. The fourth Bulgarian Alexa Rasheva also showed progress with 108.450 points (28.950 in hoop, 24.600 in ball, 29.250 in clubs and 25.650 in ribbon) and took seventh place among those born in 2010.
Bulgaria will compete in four finals on Sunday – Magdalena Valkova will be a contender in hoop and ball, and Dara Malinova in clubs and ribbon.
The Bulgarian judge at this competition was Bulgarian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation Vice President Nevyana Vladinova, who was on the clubs performance panel.