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EP Rapporteur for Kosovo: Country’s Government Lacks Political Will for European Integration

The Government of Kosovo lacks political will for progress in the country’s European integration. The Cabinet applied for membership in the Council of Europe and the EU, but the necessary steps for progress on these applications have not been made, European Parliament (EP) Rapporteur for Kosovo Viola von Cramon-Taubadel told BTA. In her words, they say they want to become members of NATO, the EU, and the Council of Europe, but if one knows the rules of the club, one has to play by those rules instead of violating them. 
She went on to say that Kosovo’s Government is currently not making citizens’ lives easier at all; it is sending very mixed signals. The international partners are tired of Pristina’s inaction, and that led to the introduction of punitive measures by the EU last year.
The EP Rapporteur told BTA that to join the EU, Kosovo must be recognized as an indepedent country by the Member States. Five of them do not recognize Kosovo’s independence.