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GERB MP Describes as Sabotage Ministers’ Refusal to Participate in Government Proposed by PM-Designate Gabriel

In a commentary on the Bulgarian National Television on Wednesday, Temenuzhka Petkova, part of the negotiating team for the formation of a government by GERB, described as sabotage the submission of declarations of disagreement for participation in a government with Prime Minister Mariya Gabriel by ministers of Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria”.
According to her 11 out of 19 ministers have submitted a declaration that they refuse to participate in a government with Prime Minister Gabriel. “CC-DB wants elections and everything that took place yesterday showed in an undeniable way that this is exactly the case,” Petkova was adamant. “They will try to make a government with the second mandate, which was their goal from the very beginning and that is why in all likelihood they tried to sabotage the negotiations,” Petkova added. According to her, the second mandate is doomed to fail.
Every single name of those Gabriel presented to President Rumen Radev on Tuesday was discussed with CC-DB, Petkova added. She reiterated that the resigning ministers, who were also named as part of the draft cabinet proposed by Gabriel, had signed the declaration in June 2023 that they agreed to a rotation with an 18-month mandate.