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Schengen Is Great Victory for Bulgaria, Outgoing PM Denkov Says

Schengen is a great victory for Bulgaria, it would not have happened without the joint efforts of the ministers in the government, outgoing Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov told reporters following his participation in an official ceremony which marked Bulgaria’s entry into the Schengen area by air and sea on March 31. The event took place at Sofia Airport’s Terminal 2 on Sunday.
Denkov said that certain ministers can take large credit for Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area, but added he will not separate anyone, as teamwork was very important. In his words, the parliament also played a big role.
Answering a question on when the Schengen land borders would be lifted for Bulgaria, Denkov noted that a suitable political moment was being sought. Such a moment could come after the elections in Austria or the European Parliament elections.