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Irina Ivanova Presents Her View of Sofia in Exhibition

Irina Ivanova will present her exhibition View of Sofia at the Contrast gallery between April 2 and April 21, the organizers said.
Art critic Rozalina Pepelanova said: “These canvases reveal Sofia, the city that is painfully familiar to us, but from a new perspective with many faces. And in this city, the story is centred around the Tram. Some of us remember the green-colored trams speeding down the tracks through Sofia’s streets, honking with a cheerful or alarming sound. It is an achievement for Irina Ivanova that her canvases allow you hear them.” “The diversity of the different aspects of the face of this city corresponds to the variety of impressions and experiences that follow us through it, accompany us and run past us. Life in the big city brings something kaleidoscopic, but it is also true that everyone is free to defend their idea of the city,” said Pepelanova.
Irina Ivanova was born on February 14, 1989, in the city of Burgas. She currently lives and works in Sofia. She is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists, and the UNESCO International Association of Plastic Arts since 2020.