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Outgoing PM Denkov: Peevski Is the Biggest Evil Happening to Bulgaria

During a Facebook live Q&A, outgoing Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said that Movement for Rights and Freedoms Floor Leader Delyan Peevski is currently the biggest evil that is happening to Bulgaria.
 “A lot of the problems we see are precisely because he started commanding the processes. He began to command GERB, in fact he wanted elections and we are going to elections because of him”, pointed out Denkov.
On his part, Peevski commented on Denkov’s words at a briefing in the National Assembly.with disbelief but attributed them to Denkov’s impotence right now.
MRF Floor Ledaer stated that Denkov has shown that he is the weakest prime minister in the history of Bulgaria. He also said that he supported Denkov and “held his hand” in various situations.
Denkov responded to Peevski’s comments: “This is absolute manipulation. There is no chance that a government to which I am related will work with Delyan Peevski in a leading configuration”.
The outgoing Prime Minister argued that people from Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria (PCC-DB) have no place in the caretaker cabinet.
When asked whether he will lead negotiations to form a new regular government after the elections, as well as whether he sees himself again as a possible prime minister, Denkov commented that it is early to ask these questions at all. “I can say that we have learned our lesson from the 48th National Assembly. Then we saw that if we don’t have a clear agenda with priorities, it makes no sense to sit down at the negotiating table,” he said.
Denkov also said that if it depended solely on him, he would have long ago replaced the ministers of interior and electronic governance, Kalin Stoyanov and Alexander Yolovski. “In this case, a majority in the National Assembly is necessary. It wasn’t there. The right moment was precisely the rotation,” he pointed out.
He argued that the Ministry Electronic Governance is in a bad personnel situation. “Alexander Yolovski served in a wonderful way Peevski and GERB’s desire to drop the machines for the first round of the local elections. He had already come under their control. Why should they change it? As I hear, maybe he will remain in the caretaker government now, because the next elections will be organized. This is a sign that some people may not want to have fair elections,” argued Denkov.

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