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Sofia Mayor Demands Resignation of Muncipal Councillor Involved in DUI Accident

Sofia Mayor Vassil Terziev demanded the resignation of municipal councillor Blagovest Georgiev, who fled the scene after colliding with another car on Friday evening.  “Rules and laws apply equally to everyone. The conduct of Blagovest Georgiev, councillor from Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria-Save Sofia, is unacceptable and incompatible with our values and principles and runs counter to our commitment to safety in Sofia,” said Terziev.  On Friday Georgiev fled the scene of a car crash and refused a sobriety test.
Georgiev has been in similar incidents before and has had his driving licence suspended. In his capacity as municipal councillor he sits on the municipal road safety committee. 
Municipal councillors from Continue the Change and the party’s Executive Council have also called for his resignation.