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Political Reactions to New Caretaker Cabinet

The leading political parties commented to journalists in Parliament the change of power in the Council of Ministers after the swearing-in of the new caretaker cabinet with Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev.
GERB leader Boyko Borissov: From what I can see, the old cabinet dominates – the Denkov-Gabriel cabinet, and especially with such prominent ministers as Georgi Gvozdeykov, Kiril Vatev, the deputy ministers who were appointed by Continue the Change, in environment, in education. There are actually three or four new names.
The leader of GERB explained that his last conversation with Dimitar Glavchev was years ago, in the old national assembly, and it was not pleasant because then Borissov asked him to resign. He had insulted MPs from the BSP and they put this as a condition, Borissov reminded. He added that if it had been up to him, he would not have picked this foreign minister or some of the other ministers.
Continue the Change co-leader Kiril Petkov: I’m worried about the fact that we’re quickly going back to the “thug years”. We already have actual written reports that the Prosecutor General has personally threatened the Secretary General of the Interior Ministry – that does not sound like a European state.
Some wrist watch is being waved about, to cover up something much scarier – the prosecution service is again being used as a cudgel, Petkov said in response to a question whether Continue the Change still supports Zhivko Kotsev despite the revelations and leaked photos of recent days.
Dimitar Glavchev did not try to reach us in any way, we did not talk even once, Petkov commented to journalists in the National Assembly after the caretaker government took the oath of office in the National Assembly.
Democratic Bulgaria co-Chair Atanas Atanasov: The new government lineup was not coordinated with us in any way.
BSP for Bulgaria leader Korneliya Ninova: We have a political caretaker cabinet. For us, this is a GERB cabinet.
Vazrazhdane MP Tsoncho Ganev: We have an extremely “balanced government at the moment – between GERB-MRF and Continue the change-Democratic Bulgaria, because there are four bright faces left from the Denkov cabinet and from now on it is clear that this government will carry out what the regular government carried out.
He also said that Vazrazhdane has no confidence in what this government is going to do, and they do not trust the Interior Minister.
Movement for Rights and Freedoms floor leader Delyan Peevski: You see who they are, there are a lot of people from Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria, it is too early to judge the others, let’s give them time to prove themselves.