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International Conference for Green and Sustainable Sports to Take Place in Plovdiv

An international conference called Sports for a Healthy Planet will take place on April 26 in Plovdiv, the organizers from the BG Be Active association said on Monday. 
The conference aims to promote dialogue and cooperation between experts in the field of environment, urban planning and sports, as well as unification in promoting the European Union’s goals for environmental sustainability in Bulgaria and the region. 
Participants will include sports organizers, ecologists, municipal and state officials, sports clubs and sports federations, as well as non-governmental organizations and educational institutions. Representatives from Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkiye, Albania, Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Netherlands and Norway will take part in the conference.
The programme will include reports, presentations and discussions, as well as master classes, which will give the participants the opportunity to enrich their knowledge and skills. The expert group working in the field of green sports to the European Commission will present a review of the strategies, approaches and recommendations . One of the most important themes will be the use of sport as a tool and platform to raise awareness on critical environmental challenges and promoting healthy, sustainable lifestyles.
The BG Be Active association took part in the New European Bauhaus Festival, which took place in Brussels from April 9 to 13. The association organized a stand to present its activities, as well as a workshop on the topic The Future of Green Sports.