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Caretaker PM Glavchev Proposes Stefan Dimitrov’s Replacement as Foreign Minister by GERB MP Daniel Mitov

Caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev initiated changes in the caretaker cabinet’s composition, the Government’s press service reported here on Monday evening.
In a proposal to President Rumen Radev, Glavchev proposes that Stefan Dimitrov be dismissed as caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs and the post be filled by GERB MP and former foreign minister (2014-2017) Daniel Mitov.
In his reasoning for the change, the caretaker Prime Minister pointed to the need for timely and responsible coordination and communication between the members of the cabinet, on the one hand, and allies and partners, on the other.
Stefan Dimitrov took the post of caretaker Foreign Minister instead of Ivaylo Tsenov, who was initially included in the draft caretaker Cabinet, proposed by Glavchev proposed on 5 April.