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Arte Gallery’s “From Collections for Collectors” Highlights Works from 1980s

Arte Gallery’s From Collections for Collectors section will highlight works from the 1980s. The exhibition will open on April 22 and continue until May 11, the organizers said.
The exhibition will include works by Aneta Dragushanu, Atanas Patsev, Atanas Yaranov, Dimitar “Nero” Kazakov, Edmond Demirdjian, Ivan “Rembrandt” Georgiev, Nayden Petkov and Pavlin Kotsev.
The current exhibition includes more than 20 works mainly from the 1980s – a dynamic and bright period, a dividing line between totalitarianism and democracy. The authors in the exhibition are among the bright representatives of the dominant trends in the 80s, the Arte Gallery said.
From Collections for Collectors dates back to 2018.