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Paul and Remy Hogarth Participate in International Sand Sculpture Festival with Work Inspired by Burgas Cats

The cats of Burgas are the main inspiration for sculptors Paul and Remy Hogarth, who participated in an international festival of sand sculptures in Texas, said the duo on their Facebook page on Monday. The sculpture by the two artists is titled Sand Cats, with the composition consisting of a total of 18 cats. The artists worked for nearly five days to shape them.
Paul and Remy Hogarth are freelance artists who regularly delight the people of Burgas with their sculptures along the beach. In addition, they also organize workshops for children in which they teach their skills. In recent years they have constructed the images of Vassil Levski, Hristo Botev, Cyril and Methodius, the prophetess Vanga and many others on the Burgas beach. Among their creations are also dolphins, a huge figure of an elephant, cats, lions, as well as a cross.
In 2022, a documentary film about the two British artists was presented telling the story of how they create their artworks from sand, their international experience in various film productions and commercials, and the reasons for choosing Burgas as their home.