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Social Partners Support Council of Ministers’ Draft Decision on Adopting National Action Plan on Employment for 2024

At a meeting of the National Council for Tripartite Cooperation (NCTC) here on Wednesday, the social partners supported the Council of Ministers’ draft decision to adopt a National Action Plan on Employment for 2024. The plan was presented by caretaker Labour and Social Policy Minister Ivaylo Ivanov.
The plan is aimed at keeping unemployment rate low, including among unequal groups in the labour market; increasing opportunities for importing workers from abroad; increasing labour supply by activating the economically inactive, boosting the quality of labour resources according to job requirements; and facing the new challenges of green and digital transition.
Ivanov pointed out that the main objective is to increase the quantity and quality of the labour supply in line with economic needs. In 2024, the employment policy’s priorities are increasing the quality of the labour force, increasing the labour supply by promoting economic activity, and promoting employment. In 2024, the priority target groups of the labour market policy will be young people up to 29 years of age who are neither working nor studying, including long-term unemployed individuals.
The programme has a budget of BGN 15 million and covers a total of 9,926 unemployed persons. The total number of adults who will be trained with funds from the state budget is 9,009.
Following the meeting, Ivanov said that he commits to submit the National Action Plan on Employment to the Council of Ministers as early as Thursday.