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The Weather on May 3-4

May 3: Heavy rain and thunders in the mountains, likelihood of hail in isolated areas in the west. Moderate to strong wind, day temperatures to fall. Lows: 10C-15C. Highs: 13C-18C, in Sofia around 13C. 
THE COAST: Rain showers. Light to moderate northeasterly wind. Highs: 15C-17C. Seawater temperature: 14C-15.
THE MOUNTAINS: Cloudy, windy, with rain showers, snow showers above 2,000 m. Thunders and strong gusts of wind in western and central Bulgaria. Highs: around 9C at 1,200 m, around 4C at 2,000 m.
May 4: Mostly cloudy, with precipitation in the morning, especially over the southern and eastern parts of the country. Mild to moderate northeasterly wind. Highs: between 15C and 20C.
Source: National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology