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Bulgaria’s Rhythmic Gymnastics Ensemble Wins Gold and Bronze, Malinova and Valkova Win 3 Bronze Medals in European Cup Finals in Baku

The Bulgarian ensemble won a gold medal in three ribbons and two balls and a bronze medal in five hoops in the individual apparatus finals of the European Rhythmic Gymnastics Cup in Baku (Azerbaijan), held for the first time in the history of this sport.
Magdalina Minevska, Sofia Ivanova, Kamelia Petrova, Rachel Stoyanov and Margarita Vassileva played their ribbons and balls composition exceptionally and became champions with a score of 33.900 points.
The silver medal went to Italy with 33.700 points and the third place went to the representatives of Azerbaijan with 29.950 points.
On five hoops the Bulgarians were given 37.750 points, taking the bronze in this final. The Bulgarians placed fourth in the all-around, while Stiliana Nikolova won the gold in the all-around category on Saturday. 
The champion was the team of Israel with 38.950 points, and the second place went to Italy with 38.050.
Dara Malinova and Magdalena Valkova won three bronze medals in the girls’ individual finals.
Malinova took bronze in the hoop final with a score of 31.700 points .
The gold medal went to Alona Tal Franco of Israel with 33.850 points. 
Malinova also took bronze in the clubs final after scoring 30.800 points. The Bulgarian staff lodged a protest, which was not upheld. 
The champion was again Alona Tal Franco with 30.950 points.
In her last final, Dara Malinova made serious mistakes in her ribbon routine and finished seventh with 25.550 points.
Israel’s Meital Sumkin took the gold with 31.600. 
In her only final, Magdalena Valkova won the bronze medal in the ball with a score of 30.900 points. HQ lodged a protest which was not upheld.
Meital Sumkin of Israel was first with 32.400 points.