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Deadline for Registration for European, General Elections Expires on Monday

The deadline for parties, coalitions and nomination committees to register with the Central Election Commission (CEC) their candidate lists in the elections for members of the European Parliament expires at 5 pm on May 7.  
Proposals to the Regional Election Commissions (REC) for registration of candidate lists in the elections for MPs can be made again until 5 pm on Monday. The same is the deadline by which a party or coalition registered for the elections for MEPs and/or for the elections for MPs may submit an application to the CEC for its registration for participation in the elections to be struck off.  
CEC received documents and registered three committees for the nomination of three independent candidates for MEPs, CEC Deputy Chair Rositsa Mateva told a news briefing last week. Then she recalled that 23 parties and 11 coalitions have submitted registration documents and noted that one party has had its registration struck off. Some 22 parties and 11 coalitions are registered and will participate in the elections. Of these, one party and one coalition registered only to participate in the general elections, Mateva said.