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Kozloduy N-plant Receives Top Marks in WANO Peer Review

The Kozloduy nuclear power plant said Wednesday that it has received top marks in a performance monitoring by the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO). WANO does peer reviews of N-plants based on a system of criteria reflecting operational safety, level of interaction and provision of support within the organization.
The expert team that did the peer review confirmed the highest level of performance at Kozloduy for all indicators.
An online meeting to present the results of the monitoring in April was attended by Kozloduy CEO Valentin Nikolov and Bozhidar Rachev, a representative of the WANO Moscow Centre at Kozloduy NPP, and the final conclusion from the peer review was received at the plant on May 7, the N-plant said.
The Bulgarian N-plant has been recognized for its active participation in the WANO programs and is a preferred partner in providing support to other WANO nuclear power plants in various activities, Kozloduy said.