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PM Glavchev Meets with Grand Mufti of Bulgaria

Meeting on Thursday, caretaker Prime Minister Dimitar Glavchev and Grand Mufti Mustafa Hadzhi concurred that Bulgaria is an ¬†example of tolerance and cooperation among different cultural communities. The meeting was attended by Education and Science Minister Galin Tsokov and Dzhelal Faik, Secretary General of the Grand Mufti’s Office, the government information service said. “Tolerance should be taught from an early age and that is why education is key,” Glavchev stressed. He expressed principled support for joint initiatives teaching children about different cultures and customs. The functioning of the three religious schools of the Grand Mufti’s Office in Momchilgrad, Shumen and Ruse was also discussed. They provide education according to programmes approved by the Education Ministry, and the Ministry supervises their activities through the regional education departments. The teaching of Islam is also subject to control.
Hadzhi talked about the education of children in the religious schools and the combination of secular and religious education. He said documents had been submitted to the Education Ministry for the opening of a new educational institution in Sofia.
Glavchev assured the Grand Mufti’s Office of the government’s support for expeditious administrative procedures. The participants also discussed the possible accreditation of the Higher Islamic Institute as a higher education establishment under the Higher Education Act. Tsokov explained the legal requirements and the steps that should be taken.