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MRF Leader Chakarov Says Party Has Opportunity to Take “Rightful Place in Bulgaria’s Governance”

“We have an opportunity to officially enter through the front door of the country’s government and take our rightful place in the country’s governance,” Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) leader Dzhevdet Chakarov said on Friday at the opening of the party’s election campaign in Razgrad, northeastern Bulgaria. He urged the voters for mobilization and support so that MRF could get the maximum vote. “Immediately after coming into power, we must do what is necessary to solve a number of problems and reforms that have been waiting for years and have been postponed,” Chakarov said. In his words, serious attention should be paid to education, to attracting investments, to reforms in healthcare and in the social sector. But the most important thing, according to the MRF chairman, is for the country to start developing faster. Chakarov, who heads the MRF list for the European Parliament, said that the upcoming European elections should not be underestimated and should be approached in the same way as those for the National Assembly. 
At the official opening of the election campaign the candidates for MPs of MRF for Razgrad region were presented. The event took place in the town of Isperih and was attended by party members and supporters.