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Residence Permit

What we can do

We will be glad to assist our clients to get a residence permit in Bulgaria

The temporary residence permit (up to 1 year, subject to renewal) entitles its holder to enter and exit Bulgaria freely and to reside in the country for the permitted period.

 Mostly used grounds for temporary residence

  1. Registration in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry of a trade representative office (TRO) of a foreign company who has been active at least 2 years before the date of application – proof of activity is needed (balance sheets);
  2. Pensionersold age pension, disabilities pension, etc.
  3. Purchase of a property in Bulgaria for a price at least BGN 600,000 (EUR 306,775)
  4. Students – some of the preferred universities offering education in English are American University in Bulgaria (, Sofia University, Medical University (; Technical University (, etc.

Schengen visa

After obtaining a residence permit all foreigners can apply for a Schengen visa in any Schengen country embassy in Bulgaria.

State fees:

  • Application for a residence permit – EUR 5
  • Residence permit for 1 year – EUR 250
  • ID card – EUR 24


Our Fees

  • Permanent residence via:
  • Trade Representative Office (including fees for registration of the TRO and obtaining certificates for registration) – EUR 1800 spouse one; EUR 1000 spouse two; EUR 500 per child
  • Purchase of real estate – EUR 1800 spouse one; EUR 100 spouse two; EUR 500 per child
  • Pensioners – EUR 1400 spouse one; EUR 800 spouse two
  • Students – EUR 900

Our fees don’t include translation and legalistaion, insurance, accommodation, real estate agent’s fees, state fees

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First stage

Obtaining a long-term (Type D) visa.  The following documents must be filed to the Bulgarian embassy or consulate or visa center in the respective country of residence:

  • application;
  • passport valid at least 3 months after the planned date for departure from Bulgaria;
  • photo;
  • medical insurance for with least EUR 30,000 coverage;
  • proof of the aim of travel (e.g. certificates for the registration of a Trade Representative Office, notary deed for purchase of a property, pension certificate, confirmation from the university that the person is enrolled as a full-time student);
  • proof that the applicant has sufficient funds to cover living and travel costs – a copy of credit cards, bank certificate for a deposit of at least 300 Euro per month for the period of stay, etc. ;
  • proof of accommodation (rental agreement/ ownership deed)
  • other relevant documents.

Second stage

Filing of the application for issuance of the temporary residence permit

The applicant must submit personally the following documents to Migration Directorate in Bulgaria:

  • application;
  • copy of the applicant’s passport;
  • medical insurance for with least EUR 30,000 coverage;
  • proof of accommodation – as above;
  • proof of enough funds for a living – as above.;
  • clear criminal record certificate legalised and translated;


  • certificate about the registered TRO issued by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry not later than 1 month before the date of the application and a certificate of BULSTAT (statistical number); OR
  • legalized and translated documents certifying that the applicant is a pensioner; OR
  • copy of notary deeds; OR
  • confirmation from the university that the person is enrolled as a full-time student